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Imperfect Marketing Brief: How do I send an opt-in email?

July 05, 2022 Kendra Corman Season 1 Episode 15
Imperfect Marketing
Imperfect Marketing Brief: How do I send an opt-in email?
Show Notes

Welcome back to Imperfect Marketing.

Today I answered a question that I was asked on social media. "How do I send an opt-in email to people I want to add to my list?"

The answer is that you don't.

At least not through your email marketing provider.

I recommend handling these as one-offs rather than one large email.

What is key is to keep it personal and relevant and to offer a piece of value to each of your targets.

Don't send a bulk email and ask them if they want to stay on your list.

You don't want more email.

I don't want more email.

And yet....

I sign up for email lists all the time.


Because I am looking for the value they are going to send me.

Check out The Daily Carnage email to see an email newsletter I love to receive. I have a referral sign up link here:

So, if you are going to invite them to your email list, give them value.

I suggested she do something like:

Dear NAME:

I met you back in XXXX at the XXXXX event. I miss getting together with everyone and was just thinking about all the great information that was shared.

I started to think about how long it has been since we connected and wanted to reach out and share my new 30 Days of Social Post Ideas to keep your followers engaged. I have found that so many people are struggling with what to post and I wanted to see if it would be something you would be interested in.

If you are, just reply back and I will see that you get it.

Thanks and I hope you are doing well.

Sign off

The key here is that I made it personal and relevant and hopefully they will want the lead magnet or freebie you are offering.

Here is a link to the one I referenced, if you are interested:

How are you engaging with your subscribers? I would love to know.