Imperfect Marketing

Episode 25: Brief: Why do your emails go to spam and what to do about it!

August 09, 2022 Kendra Corman Episode 25
Imperfect Marketing
Episode 25: Brief: Why do your emails go to spam and what to do about it!
Show Notes

One of the reasons people tell me that they don't have an email newsletter or don't use email marketing is because they don't want to send spam. 

Let's start with defining a spam email. A spam email is any unsolicited email usually sent out in bulk and is irrelevant, annoying, and sometimes malicious. 

However, those of us who send out email marketing know that we aren't spammers! Instead, we send emails that value to our subscribers.

Our emails contain information they need and could benefit from. 

Despite these intentions, a valuable email might get sent straight to the spam folder instead of the recipient's inbox. So, let's discuss why your email might get caught in spam filters and some things you can do about it.

#1 Email authentication.

Email authentication is the biggest and easiest issue to fix. I am not techy, even though I love software solutions that make my life easier, but I have made it a point to figure out how to troubleshoot my client's emails to make sure they are making it to the inbox.

For example, if you are using an email service provider like Constant Contact or ConvertKit—both of which I recommend—you can add DKIM keys. So what's a DKIM Key? I define them as a magic code that tells your recipients' email provider that they are getting a real email from you and that it isn't spoofing.

#2 Your content is setting off spam flags everywhere.

  •  Keep an eye out for spam trigger words. These words feel sleazy, needy, manipulative, and far-fetched. Avoid using words or phrases like Urgent, Don't Delete, Free Money, Lose Weight, Billions, and Help! 
  • Look through the spam emails in your junk folder. Notice that many of them are riddled with spelling and grammar errors.
  • I understand you might be excited about your content, but monitor how many exclamation points you use. Of course, the occasional exclamation point won't hurt, but don't overdo it!
  • Be mindful when you use big fonts and flashy colors.
  • Don't use a URL shortener. Spammers love to use them.
  • Avoid image-only emails. It's just a best practice. 
  • Make sure your email size is reasonable. If it is too big, it won't get delivered. This includes the image and attachment sizes. 
  • Always include an unsubscribe link. Yes, you've worked hard to find subscribers, but they have the freedom to unsubscribe when they want.

#3 Not having a custom domain

Your "from" email address is crucial! AOL and Yahoo emails get caught in spam filters more often than others.

#4 People reporting your emails as spam.

Be careful when adding people to your email list. Only add people who signed up or gave you explicit permission. This is important!

#5 An inactive list

Ensure you keep your list clean and remove people who aren't interacting with your emails. You want a small, engaged audience over a large, unengaged audience. List hygiene is essential, so keep cleaning up your list.

Have any questions? Let me know, and I will happily help however I can!


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