Imperfect Marketing

Episode 47: What's the difference between strategy and tactics?

November 01, 2022 Kendra Corman Episode 47
Imperfect Marketing
Episode 47: What's the difference between strategy and tactics?
Show Notes

I know you're at least familiar with hearing the words strategy and tactics applied to marketing—but what do they mean? And which comes first? Well, you're in the right place because today's Brief answers these questions!

Strategy and Tactics

Everyone says you should start with strategy, but 90% of them jump straight to tactics—which I don't recommend. Instead, create a strategy first and let it guide your tactics.

Is your strategy to improve your performance on social media? Your tactics are what will help you accomplish that strategy. For example, it might be determining your social media channels, content pillars, etc.

Your goals fall under your strategy; the rest is how you plan to achieve them. That's your strategy. Your tactics include your projects and initiatives.

Let's say your goal is to increase business with your existing customers. One tactic to support this strategy could be sending out three physical direct mail pieces yearly. Another tactic could be writing five handwritten thank-you notes a week.

I want you to take a moment and think about YOUR strategy. Where are you heading? How do you plan to get there?

Once you have completed this step, you can decide your tactics. Identify how many social media channels you will be on, how many times a week you will post, and what your content pillars will be.

But how do I start?

Start with your vision! Why did you create your business? Why do you do what you do?

I know this is a big question, and if you need a visual, I am a HUGE fan of Simon Sinek and his golden circle. However, if you're unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, check the show notes for that video—it's AWESOME!

The key is to think on a large scale; make sure you select long-term and big goals. This should be where you want to get in 3 or 5 years, not by December this year.
What fuels you?

Personally, I love making an impact. I am also fueled by helping small businesses and solopreneurs who work in high-touch service businesses grow through focused marketing efforts.
So, how do I do it, and what do I do?

This podcast is one way I help! First, I provide the information within the episode and introduce people to my guests' unique insights. Then I invite people to my email list by offering a freebie or downloadable in the show notes.
(Hint Hint: Let's define your target audience by using my freebie linked in the show notes or visit

Once they are on my list, I provide more value and then offer a way to work with me a few times a year. It's a small price to pay for the free information I provide—putting up with my sales messages a few times a year—However, I do have a mortgage to pay!

I also work heavily on a referral basis. Getting referrals by working hard makes a difference for me and my business. Facebook ads are another tactic I use to grow my business and increase my email list since that's the #1 way that people build a know, like, and trust factor with me—even if they were a referral.

So, what do you do?

How do you increase your relationships with your target audience? What's your strategy

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